Enhance your vocabulary even on the go

Who doesn’t dream of speaking error free, fluent English? Well everyone does in this ultra modern living environment, especially in India, where your communication skills plays most important role in almost everything.

It is very important to have confidence while communicating in English. To have that confidence, you need to have a very good command over vocabulary. Now, the main question, how to do it?

One of the most easily available options is dictionary. Grab that thick pile and get nowhere in never ending trap. Yes, trap, because it will never end, you will either stop using it out of boredom or just no reason.

So, what is the best way to improve your vocabulary? There are many resources available online, but which one is most reliable and will actually help you in enhancing your vocabulary, answer to this is Vocabulary of the Day by Educity.

They have developed their content for vocabulary with the help of known Subject Matter Experts of industry. Visit  us and see how beautifully they have provided mechanism to work on improving your vocabulary.

Educity uploads 10 words on daily basis in their section called Vocabulary of the Day. 4 in the category of Words, 3 in category of Roots, including prefixes and suffixes, 1 in Homonyms and other similar sounding words, 1 in Phrasal verbs and 1 in idioms and phrases. When you move your cursor on the word you want to learn, click on it and it will send you to a new page which consists every possible detail related to the word like their correct pronunciation, origin of the word, meaning of the word etc.

This also helps you in preparing for banking exams and other similar exams. English vocabulary section of banking exams, have difficult words which may not be known to you, until or unless you have given an intense preparation to this section. Educity helps you in preparing for banking exams, SBI PO, IBPS, Clerk and other similar exams.


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