Simple tips and tricks to crack banking exams

preparing banking examAfter all drama of registration for SBI PO 2016, Pre exams has finally wrapped up. Educity wishes all aspirants of SBI PO a very good luck for results.

Let’s get on to some tips and tricks for upcoming exams in banking sector.

  1. Do not read all in one go, make it a daily habit

Many students read current affairs one week before the exam, which is a big no no. Preparing for banking exams is not a single week deal; it needs continuous and daily efforts. Allot time to your preparation dependent on the sections like quantitative, reasoning, English, computers etc.


  1. Solve previous year papers

It is highly suggested to solve previous year papers or sample papers to get a better insight into the pattern of examination. You can get sample papers from oureducity.  Educity uploads more than 15 quizzes on daily basis on their website for various sections of exams.

3.Prepare for Vocabulary thoroughly

Preparing for vocabulary is one of the difficult tasks while preparing for banking exams. Usually students take up dictionary and starts cramming word by word, which is not fruitful. Educity has adopted a very unique way to help students for preparing vocabulary section. Along every word, there are audio’s which explains all the aspect of word, and image which helps you in better remembrance of the word.

4.Take experts help from internet

It’s your efforts which will help you in cracking these banking exams. Take help of experts through internet, get involved in discussions, expand your horizons. There is a great way to take expert help through Educity. Just log on to their website and participate in active discussion forums where thousands of participants are exchanging their knowledge.

Follow these mantras rigorously, and get one step closer to grab your dream job in banking sector.


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