E- Technique approach for solving Sample Paper for Banking Exams by Educity

Practice makes a man perfects, and without enough practice, an aspirant can never crack a banking exam. Here, we will discuss how to practice in best way to crack such exams.

Market is full with previous year papers and sample papers for practice, but is it enough for the practice? The answer is NO. Simply because, solving questions is not the ultimate purpose for a successful practice. An aspirant must know, what went wrong while attempting to solve the practice paper, what is his/her weakness, which section requires more practice, etc.

So the main question which comes to your mind, how to know all this, how to get all these analysis? Well, there is a solution. Educity Pedagogy Pvt. Ltd. has provided an online platform where you can attempt number of sample papers, designed according to the pattern of specific exam, and on complete attempt it provides a detailed analysis of the attempt made by you with answers to all the questions.

The detailed analysis consists of following parameters:

  1. General Report
  2. Priority wise Chapter Recommendation for Clearing the Exam
  3. Deficiency Report: Based on Speed
  4. Deficiency Report: Based on Accuracy
  5. Complete Data

This feature as if now is free for everyone. All you need to do is to register yourself as a student with their website and get a personalised dashboard with the access to sample papers.

You need, email ID and contact number to register yourself with the oureducity website and is a single step process.

Now give a new age leap to your preparation of banking exams. Practicing in such manner not only helps you to identify your weak areas but provides a second opportunity to work harder and getting one step closer to get your dream job.

So, just visit www.oureducity.com, register yourself for free and start preparing.

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