Where one can find video tutorials for the preparation of banking exams

In this fast pace life, there is scarcity of time with everyone. In such situations, it becomes very difficult to prepare for government banking jobs while you are sweating out in your private sector job. So, it is not possible for working aspirant to join certain coaching classes to prepare for such exams. Even if the aspirant is not working, it becomes really difficult to keep pace with the training given in classroom. Either you miss out on few classes or you do not understand the concept in one sitting.

In such tech-savvy world, there is a need by everyone to prepare for such exams according to their convenience, i.e. flexible and in other words we can say, learn anytime, anywhere. So, the next question arises what could be this technology that can provide you such flexibility. The answer is Multimedia Content for banking exams by BSC (Banking Service Chronicle) in association with Educity Pedagogy Pvt. Ltd.

The whole content for preparation is given in Pen-drive/SD Card, which has two modes of learning:

  1. Offline
  2. Online

Let’s talk about the features of these two in detail:

  1. Offline

Offline content is in form of audio’s and videos.  All five sections of banking exams are covered in the video section. Total number of videos is 2895+ and the duration of these videos is more than 400 hours. All modules of all sections are covered in these videos. It can be estimated from the number of videos and duration that it is a complete package of study material for banking exams. For vocabulary section, audios are available in the pen-drive. Vocabulary is covered in alphabetical form. Correspondent to every word, there are two audios, one which have correct pronunciation of the word and second audio have all the relevant information in view of exam.

2. Online

Their online facility is available on www.oureducity.com which has following sections:

  1. Current Affairs: Daily news update along with the brief, detailed explanation of news along with analysis on important points and probable questions out of the news.

2. Practice question: In this section, 10 -15 tests on various modules are uploaded every day which provides an extra edge to the preparation.

3. Sample Papers: Sample papers are uploaded on regular interval of time to help students prepare better for upcoming exams. These sample papers are designed according to the latest pattern. Student gets a detailed analysis of the attempt after the test is successfully submitted. This feature is not provided elsewhere. It helps student in monitoring their own preparation.

4.Tips and Tricks: Tips and tricks are available here which helps student in preparation and motivate them at same time.

These all features are available at a very affordable cost and you can learn anytime, anywhere, even on the go. It’s a revolutionized learning experience, go for it.


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