How to solve number series questions- tips and tricks for IBPS PO

no-seriesIf you want to know what are number series questions and what are the tips and tricks to solve these types of questions, then you are at the right article.  Just stick to the article and read it to understand the concept till the end. Please like and share if you find it useful. Let’s get started:

  1. What is number series?

Number series are the finite series where numbers do have some sort of relationship amongst them which particularly defines the series. For example:

1, 2,4,8,16,32……..

You can observe the pattern here very easily. Every subsequent number is the multiple of 2 of previous number. So, the relationship between this number series is found and if any blank is given, one can easily identify the pattern and guess the blank number.

But, in banking exams, such easy patterns are not given and it becomes really difficult to recognize the same. So, we are going to describe few steps in recognising the pattern and how to proceed with such type of questions.

  1. Analyse the series

Perform following checks while observing the number series:

  1. If all the numbers given in series are odd?
  2. If all the numbers given in series are even?
  3. If there is some multiplicity factor associated with numbers?
  4. If there is some division factor associated with numbers?
  5. If there is addition or subtraction of any number in the series.

Consider all these points and you will surely get some catching point to proceed with solution. You can follow all these points in your IBPS PO 2016 exams.


Now let us consider an example and step by step guidance for solving it:

Question: Find the missing number in the following series:

20, 38,?, 128, 200


  1. 76
  2. 78
  3. 80
  4. none of these



Start observing the series:

  • All numbers are even


Try to build a relationship between the provided number in series:



So, the answer is a. 74.

It’s easy to solve these types of questions if the pattern is recognised and you have hand on practice on every type of questions.

If you need to practice more on these types of questions, visit  and click on Personalised Practice and you can select the number series questions along with the difficulty level.

Don’t forget, practice makes a man perfect. Just keep on practicing and reach your goal.



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