Every year, millions of candidates from across the country appear in competitive examinations. Their aim is to cross these hurdles and acquire for themselves a fruitful career and social standing. Many of these candidates, particularly those without access to professional guidance, informed tips the quality study material, lag behind in this race. The irony is that the need of these candidates to crack these examinations is greater than that of those who can buy or otherwise access quality preparatory material and resources. Having come up from a similar less-than-privileged background, we empathize with these aspirants. And as a token of our gratitude to society for affording us the opportunity to be in a position to help, we have committed resources to preparing quality study materials for them.

Cracking these tests is not only a function of subject knowledge but also answering speed and accuracy. Candidates from modest middle class backgrounds possess limited financial resources but a greater readiness to excel for themselves and their family.

Our commitment is to keep providing our students interactive multimedia educational content online and offline. For the last couple of years our graphic designers, 3-D animators and programmers have been developing such content under the best subject experts. Our first product, which is now complete, is Bank PO entrance content coverage. Other products catering to Engineering, Management and other career entrance examinations are in the offing, to be followed by coverage of formal education from the kindergarten to senior secondary level. All these products will be available to students at an unbelievably competitive price, the effort being to minimize inequality of access to good content access from the student point of view.

There are several players in this field already. But we aim to be different from the crowd by ensuring that every candidate who accesses our product/s develops a sense of confidence that s/he has a job waiting for them at the end of it all. Banking Services Chronicle (BSC) is a trusted name, and our experience as market leader in Bank PO classroom coaching rightly gives us the confidence that we can do for students what none of our competitors have done or can do. Our commitment to quality of content and low product pricing reflects that our business is education and career facilitation, and not money making at the expense of needy students

We look forward to your comments and suggestions for making our venture more purposeful, efficient and effective.